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He knew fine art when he saw it.  "The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Gus And Sisters Sunflower And Venus

Together in the womb and out and emblematic of the tight relationships mammals often form.  Grandson Gus loves these guys of course; when he was over this morning, he built this temporary nest for them on my office...

Cool Pet Store Chain

My brother moved to Vancouver, Washington, and visited a pet store operated by a company with the improbable name Mud Bay.  It's a chain of pet stores on the west coast with an unusually animal-centered attitude. Have a look at https://mudbay.com.

Focused On Harmony

Cat claws are beautiful and necessary but also fun and rewarding to exercise and sharp.  Having been around cats my entire life I know they enjoy digging into things.  This can cause problems when the target is a nicely upholstered chair or a smooth wood door frame....

Training Often Necessary

For years I've told people that cat behavior fits under a classic Bell Curve when it comes to clawing Natural Scratch.  Some have told me their cats went for the post while it was being assembled; others have said their cats ignored the post and clawed a nearby couch....

Cat Candids Are The Best

Cat Candids Are The Best

After feeding Venus and Sunflower this morning, I walked away for a few minutes.  When I returned, this is how they had arranged themselves in front of the oven in our kitchen.  Both are learning to claw Natural Scratch exclusively even though still in the kitten...

Good Scratching Cats

Good Scratching Cats

Several months ago we adopted two kittens from the Milwaukee Humane Society; grandsons Noah and Gus picked them out.  It was a good experience for them and the cats. Now we're training Sunflower (upper in pic) and Venus to be exclusive Natural Scratch clawers.  It...

All New Website And Returning To Blogging

Welcome to the new Natural Scratch website and my first blog entry in many years.  For starters, I'd like to complement web-designer-photogapher-tech Vic for giving naturalscratch.com this modern look.  He's a wonder.  Creative, hardworking, technically sharp, and...


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