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Cat Jail

Cats are a lot like kids—they need to be instructed on what constitutes appropriate behavior and what doesn't. Treats are a great way to reinforce actions you approve, including clawing Natural Scratch or another post, pad, or plank. Confining them in a safe room...

Sunflower The Possessive Cat

Sunflower aka Curly and Pinky likes to pick up things and trot off with them triumphantly. In my decades around cats, I've never seen this behavior before. The arrow points to a thin paper cover for a small container of food. There's nothing on it, but Sunflower likes...

Sisters Forever

Sisters Venus left and Sunflower have been together all their lives and seem to like crossing their tails during meals.


Our cat Sunflower is a talker and also has the most expressive tail of any cat I've lived with. It curls enough that we expect one day we'll see it in a knot. This is her sitting on the edge of my desk.


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