Cat Training Guide – Clawing

Cat Training Guide: Clawing.

Cat lovers know that the most important part of redirecting scratching is training—not the cat scratching post itself, although a great post certainly helps. Left to their own devices, cats will scratch whatever pleases them.

Practically any surface can be a target—from door frames to recliners. If you offer a cat scratching post that is not well-made or is not well-suited to clawing, training will be a more difficult, though not impossible. Animal trainers, after all, teach tigers to jump through fiery hoops and perform other questionable feats. Training is the key to success. If you are wondering whether you can train your cat, the answer is yes! And it isn’t that hard. It does take longer with some cats, but many dig into a Natural Scratch™ cat scratching post very quickly, especially if they like kitty treats. Kitty treats are a cat trainer’s best friend. To help you train your cat or cats,

Natural Scratch™ comes with Training Your Cat To Claw Natural Scratch™, an easy-to-read-and-use eight-page guide.



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