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Antenna and Mouse Hole

Interactive features such as the antenna and mouse hole help Natural Scratch customers attract their cats to the a cedar or cork post and train them to claw it exclusively.   Both features were recommended by a cat lover early in Natural Scratch’s history and...

Great Quote About Cats

“If you want to write, keep cats.” —Aldous Huxley   As a corporate writer, freelance writer, and now a writer, I can attest to the help feline companionship provides.

Cats Whittle A Sculpture

A Natural Scratch customer in Rhode Island sent the attached and gave me permission to post it. Her cat scratched regularly over four years to achieve this, and she tells me he’s still clawing the stump. However, she mentioned that he looks at her imploringly...

Venus On The Catwalk

Sisters Venus and Sunflower have many differences.  One is Venus spends more time climbing the floor to ceiling cat post and lounging on the Natural Scratch catwalk.  Here she is hanging 10 and 20.      

Cat Jail

Cats are a lot like kids—they need to be instructed on what constitutes appropriate behavior and what doesn’t. Treats are a great way to reinforce actions you approve, including clawing Natural Scratch or another post, pad, or plank. Confining them in a safe...