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Hard Surface Rest

People often assume cats and kittens like soft things and they do, *but not exclusively*. Yesterday Sunflower (aka Pinky) was happy crashing on our coffee table. If you’re curious, the wood is padauk; my buddy Jerry, an expert cabinetmaker-woodworker-engineer,...

He knew fine art when he saw it.  “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Gus And Sisters Sunflower And Venus

Together in the womb and out and emblematic of the tight relationships mammals often form.  Grandson Gus loves these guys of course; when he was over this morning, he built this temporary nest for them on my office futon.

Training Often Necessary

For years I’ve told people that cat behavior fits under a classic Bell Curve when it comes to clawing Natural Scratch.  Some have told me their cats went for the post while it was being assembled; others have said their cats ignored the post and clawed a nearby...