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Our cat Sunflower is a talker and also has the most expressive tail of any cat I’ve lived with. It curls enough that we expect one day we’ll see it in a knot. This is her sitting on the edge of my desk.

Sunflower in the Sun, Too

Sunflower aka Curly and Pinky caught in a beam on the floor catching some rays. The image is as much a testimony to her beauty and exquisite eyes, irises at their narrowest, as it is a demonstration of the iPhone’s spectacular built-in camera. It combines...
Major Natural Scratch Attraction

Major Natural Scratch Attraction

Just in from a customer: “This is J. A. [Issaquah, WA] and I recently purchased one of your posts. I have two cats, brothers, both scratch up my house. Baxter has taken to the post, he loves it so much, he sleeps on it. And he won’t let his brother Harley use...