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Cats Whittle A Sculpture

A Natural Scratch customer in Rhode Island sent the attached and gave me permission to post it. Her cat scratched regularly over four years to achieve this, and she tells me he’s still clawing the stump. However, she mentioned that he looks at her imploringly...

Sunflower in the Morning

I start early and Sunflower typically joins me at my desk after having breakfast. She likes it cozy. In the midst of cold, I’ve turned to herbal tea. Not medicinal but with ingredients activated by hot water that soothe the throat.

Cool Scratchers

Visit www.naturalscratch.com for many different scratching posts and planks and a slab.From the original white cedar Natural Scratch to cork posts in 24- and 32-inch sizes and including a new, sisal-clad model.There are also three different types of cedar planks and...