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Cat claws are beautiful and necessary but also fun and rewarding to exercise and sharp.  Having been around cats my entire life I know they enjoy digging into things.  This can cause problems when the target is a nicely upholstered chair or a smooth wood door frame.  Like most creatures, cats like to live in harmony but don’t know what is expected of them when they make their homes with people.  This is why training is important.  It lets cats know what they may and may not do.  Natural Scratch provides materials cats like to scratch and includes built-in features such as the Antenna and Mouse Hole that help you attract your cat and introduce her or him to the post.  The training booklet, which is easy to read and follow, provides instruction on how to reward good behavior and negatively condition actions, such as clawing things other than Natural Scratch.  Key to success are love, patience, and consistency.