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Just in from a customer: “This is J. A. [Issaquah, WA] and I recently purchased one of your posts. I have two cats, brothers, both scratch up my house. Baxter has taken to the post, he loves it so much, he sleeps on it. And he won’t let his brother Harley use it. He hisses at him and is a bully whenever Harley gets close to it. Have any other customers had this happen before and if so, do you have any suggestions of how to train the second cat to use the post? I’m thinking about buying another post for Harley but I didn’t know if there’s something else I can try. Thanks for your help. Here is the picture of Baxter with his new post, cracks me up!  He loves it so much.” Note: I recommended J.A. buy a second post under the theory Baxter can’t dominate two at once. This level of territoriality involving Natural Scratch is unusual but I’ve encountered it a few times over the years. I take it as a supreme compliment.‹