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privacy policy

Privacy Policy


Under no circumstances will your e-mail address, surface-mail address, or other personal information be sold, given, or loaned to any individual, company, or organization. Period.

That said, Natural Scratch relies on various suppliers including a host company where the website resides; MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal payment processors; search engines that help people find naturalscratch.com; and others that we don’t even know about who themselves have vendors we don’t know about.  We don’t know exactly what all these cogs in the Internet machine do in all their capacities and probably they don’t either. So, we will control what we can control but we don’t control Google, internet service providers, banks, etc.


Phone: Ted at 414 795-6117

(Sadly, because I get so many junk calls, I need to ask that you leave a voice mail—you will receive a prompt call-back during normal business hours.)

Or use the online contact form.  Thank you.

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