100s of Testimonials

Customer Testimonials Used With Permission

“I’d like to send you my sincerest gratitude for the Natural Scratch cedar plank. It took a couple of days for him to get used to it, but our cat now uses the plank regularly and has been avoiding using the carpet entirely! It’s an immeasurable improvement from the cardboard scratching ramp that seemed to do very little for his claws. All of my friends and family with feline companions are going to hear raves about this. It’s also so much more beautiful than cardboard or sisal.  We’re so glad we found your product, it’s perfect.  Many, many thanks,”  S. S. Somerville, MA

“It is perfection!  They love it and I love it!” L.O., Santa Fe, NM

“This is replacing an old (about 7 years) cork scratcher from you which my cats love and have worn down to a stump. When I pulled the new one out my cat was watching me and I literally saw his eyes get big! He is excited!”  M.B., Dripping Springs, TX

“This is the BEST scratching post on the market; I’m purchasing the second one as a gift for a friend…she just adopted a cat from our local ASPCA. The first Natural Scratch is still going strong…the cats haven’t touched the furniture since it arrived. On a side note…you may wish to charge MORE for the Natural Scratch (they last forever).” D.L., Spring Lake Heights, NJ

“The cats love this post so much that even though it is super short now and they have to practically lay on their bellies to scratch, they just keep using it. They have lots of other posts but the cork is their favorite. Lots of bits fly off every time but the previous one lasted about 6 years with 2 vigorous scratchers. Thanks for your help.” C.H., Bremerton, WA

“We have one cat, and I think this has to be at least our third order of two posts at one time. They are great, and you have been excellent for customer service. One post had larger than usual cracks, we had concerns, and you replaced it n/c.”  M.S., Wilton, NY  

“I’m so pleased with the scratching post I recently purchased. My husband assembled it, and my cat took to it right away. She’s been using it ever since without any coaxing. Thanks too for the informative booklet. I will recommend your scratching post to my friends who have cats.” R.S. Warrington, PA

“Just wanted to give you an update regarding our scratching post purchase.  So far the cats really like it–especially trying to get treats out of the mouse hole in the top!  We literally had to place the scratching post directly in front of the railing post they were destroying, but I think they’ve made the permanent switch to only scratching on the Natural Scratch.  I am so relieved!  Although our poor railing posts definitely need some repairs, I can only imagine how awful they would be had we not tried Natural Scratch.  I cannot thank you enough Ted and will be spreading the word about your product!  You can absolutely add my comments to your page.  I’m happy to be a part of informing others of how great your product is and how well it worked for us!  I’ll be sure to share it on Facebook as well to help get the word out for you.”  J.S., Bel Air, MD

“We’ve had them a little over a week and they’re already using the scratching post a ton.  No issues with them scratching anything they’re not supposed to.  They’re a little too young for the catnip, but like when we put treats in the hole at the top. The girl is pretty adept at climbing and likes to perch on the top, while her brother tries to get up there too.  Thanks again,  The cats really love the scratching post!”  J.O., Santa Monica, CA

“I bought the same post from you several years ago, and my cat, Mischa, just loves it. We are moving across the country from coast to coast, so it’s not practical to take first one with us. Since she loves her Natural Scratch so much, I’m happy to get her another one that can be shipped to our new home!  Note: Natural Scratch has really saved my furniture and walls, as she is a rescue who grew up scratching both. My family and I can’t thank you enough! 🙂  H.C., Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much! I set it up today and they started using it within minutes. One of my cats is currently keeping guard and won’t let the others use it because she likes it so much! I’ve already recommended your products to my rescues foster group. Thank you for making such an amazing product.”  L.H., Dunwoody, GA

“Miss Kitty loves her scratching post! She doesn’t even attempt to scratch on furniture—this scratching post has not only impressed me, it has convinced me that this is the only way to go!  It makes great sense that if a cat has this cedar scratching post, it would tend not to approach or prefer the fabric of furniture.   The fact that I need not worry about her scratching my furniture just adds to the harmony!  She uses it all of the time.  There is no redirection needed!!  I’m sooooo very pleased.”  M.B., Mishawaka, IN

“Thanks, Ted (fellow animal lover!).  Actually I bought one of these posts a couple years ago and Star LOVES it.  When Bob told me his cats were starting on his insulation, I knew I had the perfect gift.  And since he put mine together, I’m sure he’ll manage!  Thanks for the personalized service!  By all means, use my comments.  I have recommended you to friends in the past.  None of that ‘fake rug’ stuff was interesting to my cats but they love this wood!”  R.T. Decatur, GA

“Over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars on scratching posts that only gathered dust.  My cat would always scratch the doorway.  I tried putting sticky tape up and sprays to deter her and nothing worked.  I figured getting a wooden post to mimic the doorway could be a possible solution.  I ordered Natural Scratch two years ago and followed the instructions exactly.  My cat was 15 years old when we purchased Natural Scratch and she uses it all of the time!  She has not touched a doorway since!  Thank you Natural Scratch!”  C.C., Cocoa Beach, FL

“It has arrived and assembled and my cat (Matilda) took to it immediately! I must say I think you have the best catnip in the world…she could smell it through the box when it arrived and was all over the box. Too cute!!! Thank you so much! I love it almost as much as Matilda…D.W., Guelph, Ontario, Canada

“Ordered one in the US–now in the UK, brought my cats with me and needed one here.  Gave my old one to my next door neighbors who were going to declaw three rescue cats.  Your scratching post did the trick and they decided not to declaw the three cats!  Made my very happy.  P.M. Trowbridge, England” This is the BEST scratching post on the market; I’m purchasing the second one as a gift for a friend…she just adopted a cat from our local ASPCA. The first Natural Scratch is still going strong…the cats haven’t touched the furniture since it arrived. On a side note…you may wish to charge MORE for the Natural Scratch (they last forever).” D.L., Spring Lake Heights, NJ

“Just a short note to say that my cat loves your scratching post!!  He used it right away.  I am positively thrilled.  I have forwarded your web info to some friends of mine in case they may be interested as well.  Best of luck to you and your business with such a great product.” P.E., Cherry Hill, NJ

“The posts arrived yesterday.  I was away but put them together today.  All the cats love them.  My big cat the one with claws, the other two are my boyfriends, they are declawed, I don’t do that…anyway,  Fletcher, my big cat started scratching on the legs of the posts before I could get it put together.  He loves it.  The other two cats are scratching on them because they still have that innate need.  I put catnip on the legs and at the top of the posts; they are all zonked out right now.  They send their thanks for the buzz!  Thanks so much for these posts, what a life saver.”  A.F., Odessa, FL

“It was good to talk to you yesterday and learn more about the cork, very interesting.  I do (really our cat does) LOVE your product!”  K.C., Parker, CO

“My three cats have used their Natural Scratch scratching post for four years now and it’s still going strong; they absolutely love it. It was definitely the best purchase I have made for them. They scratch on it morning, noon, and night; climb it; sit on it; and play on it all the time.  They would be lost without it now. Whenever they are bored or a bit puckish they show me by scratching and looking at me hoping for a reward. 🙂  Many thanks again for this amazing product.”  L.C., Dublin, Ireland

“I’ve been using two posts, one upstairs and one downstairs, for a couple of years now.  I love these.  Last week I gave the downstairs’ post to my daughter for her new kitten, so my two cats, Phoebe and Will Ferrell, will be happy when they receive a new one that will be place in its old familiar spot.”  L.S., Salem, OH

“We had a cat named ChinChin who was a diabetic and very hard to place, and when we finally found her a home, we sent along the Natural Scratch as it was her absolutely favorite thing in the world.”  siamiserescue.org, Locust Dale, VA

“My cat uses the all-wood scratching post all the time.  There is still a sisal-wrapped post in the room but he doesn’t seem interested in it, anymore.  Also, it seems he likes the catnip that came with the scratching post a great deal more than other catnip I’ve found at various sources over the years.”  (Craig sent the following recently.)  “I bought a scratching post from you several years ago.  It was big success with my cat, then, and some of my e-mailed words ended up as one of your on-line testimonials.  I am writing to you today to at least let you know that I have a new cat now (my previous cat passed away), and she loves the Natural Scratch post just as much as–if not more–my previous cat did.  Is it possible to order the catnip, alone?  I ran out of what I got with the post a very long time ago.  That catnip is the only catnip my previous cat ever liked and my new cat is similarly uninterested in the other brands of catnip I’ve given to her.” Craig B., Lakewood, OH

“A quick message to let you know of the safe delivery this morning of Bonnie’s Natural Scratch.  She is already enjoying having her own special scratching place, and also enjoyed a pinch of the catnip sprinkled in the recessed areas. Although I didn’t need the instruction book, as she took to the scratching plank straight away, I’m impressed with the presentation, and the information it contains, to help people find the best way to introduce a hesitant cat to the scratch post.  It has been a pleasure emailing with you, and I am thrilled with my purchase,  L.L., Manley, New South Wales, Australia

“Just want to let you know that both my cat and I love the scratching post.”  B.F., New York, NY

“I received the Natural Scratch posts.  I am a repeat customer.  I opened the box, and my cats began scratching the posts before I could even put them together.  A couple of my cats scratch the cork post, then move over and scratch the wooden one.  I guess they can’t decide which one they like better.  I have a few who like to scratch the bottom supports rather than the uprights.  One guy especially loves to play with the red cords.  They also had fun hiding in the cardboard box used for shipping and jumping on the paper used to wrap the posts.  Everyone loves the catnip.  There was something fun for everyone.  Natural Scratch is a great product.  I love it and so do all the cats in my family.  You are certainly welcome to post my comments on your website.  I have been using Natural Scratch posts for years–ever since I found them by searching the Web for innovative scratching posts.  My cats have not needed any special training or encouragement to begin using the posts, but I still enjoy putting toy mice into the holes and putting catnip in the little dish and watching them enjoy the play.  When I’ve fostered kittens, the posts were absolutely “kitten magnets.”  I ordered a new cork post because my cats used the previous one so frequently that they actually ‘consumed’ it, and I was happy to buy them a new one.  I’m going to give the brochures to my vet next time I’m there.  I hope she puts them in her waiting area.  Keep up the good work.” L.P., Philadelphia, PA 


“We purchased a Natural Scratch cedar post about three or so years ago, and I just wanted to let you know that Misty still loves it. We put treats in it about once or twice a week, but she’d scratch on it anyway. She does look at us expectantly when she scratches as if to say, ‘Hey Mom! See, I’m a good girl, I’m scratching where I’m supposed to and not on your furniture!!!’” S.O. Penfield, NY

“I bought the vertical 32″ cork scratching post a couple of weeks ago. My two guys took to it immediately (but I did read the instruction book first).  As I anticipated, one of them climbed to the top and proceeded to bite the cork.  Fortunately, he can’t bite and balance himself for too long, so he hasn’t done much damage. It gives him an additional incentive to climb!  I’ve been looking for a substitute for the corrugated cardboard scratchers which the little guys love.  The only downside is the mess they make as the cardboard bits break away.  My concern with the horizontal slab is that it might scratch my wood floors. Your cork products are a great alternative to what is available at pet stores. I hope you continue to come up with new product ideas!”  J.K. Durham, NC

“I am very pleased with the quality of these posts.  There was nothing like them available here in Hawaii.  My cats had a really well- made sisal post that lasted many years with daily use.  I wanted to replace it with something well made and even better.  I purchased both the cedar and cork for variety. One is hard and the other softer. The cedar post was the first to be assembled. My cats were curious.  I sprinkled a bit of catnip in the little hole on top and that got things going!  The cork post was assembled next and it was well received.  I have 8 cats ranging in age from 6 to 16 years old. All have claws. They now have two really beautiful and sturdy scratching posts!  Thanks for making the Natural Scratch available in cedar and cork!”  M.A. Honolulu, HI

“Hello, Ted. I just wanted to follow up on the cork scratching post order I received!  The kitties love it very much!  They were attracted to it immediately!  I hardly had to do any training but we work on it every day!  Dale is not much of a catnip guy but Lola REALLY enjoys the catnip you included in the order!  I just wanted to let you know how good of a job you do and that we appreciate it!  Thank you sooo much!”  M.H., Eau Claire, WI

“Just thought I would give you an update on our feral kitty. After only a few weeks, following your training plan, he has started using the scratch post all on his own and he loves it. This was a feral cat used to scratching trees and logs and has only been indoors with us since August. We did have to modify a couple things for him as far as the training program. I started with morning and evening stretch exercises, where he had to stretch to the top to obtain a treat. His regular treats did not work, so we used bits of tuna to start. Once he got used to the stretch routine, he started doing it for his normal treats. Second, the dry catnip does nothing for him, so we tried the spray catnip oil and that worked much better to get him into playtime. And lastly, the red bungees didn’t work to entice him into play. He does better with feathers, so we used one of those cattail feather teasers through the mouse hole. We did two stretch sessions and one full on play session per day. Then he started sitting next to it while grooming. Then he started rubbing against it, and this weekend, Bam! he started scratching it periodically during the day all on his own outside of the normal sessions and without my intervention.  We also found that hard floors cause it to slide. So we put a piece of 4×4 carpet under it and that solved the problem.  He loves it. He is a happy cat. He is still slightly feral, so we can’t clip his claws yet. We needed something similar to what he uses outside, so he can get the manicure he needs on a regular basis. Thanks so much for making this.”  C.A.B., Fairless Hills, PA

“I assembled the Natural Scratch last night and followed the instructions–immediately my two cats were scratching like never before! My one tortoiseshell was going to town on the post! It was great! Once again thanks for making a great product that my cats love!”  B.K., Mountain View, CA

“Just to let you know, our cats (who are both usually stupendously uncooperative) have immediately taken to scratching the post and stopped scratching the furniture. Extraordinary! All I did was to sort of rub some catnip into the wood and they seemed to get the message.” S.R. London, England 

“As far as the scratching post goes, my outdoor rescued cat Leonardo (Leo for short) enjoyed the post from day one.  He uses it couple of times a day.  Thanks, again.”  C.S., Bronx, NY.

“Hi, Ted. We bought your cat scratch like 10 years ago; it lasts forever and our cats enjoy it and use it every day. Thank you so much!” Y.E. Seattle, WA

“Thanks.  It is a great product.  We’ve had ours for years now…our three cats use it every day. :-)” G.F. Woodbridge, VA

“I just placed another order through your site on behalf of my brother.  By the way, the scratching post I have has worked very, very well.  Cinda took to it right away–no sooner did I get it out of the box, she was going at it!  Thanks again for saving all my woodwork!” S.G. Brunswick, OH

“I just wanted to let you know how much my cat LOVES your Natural Scratch scratching post.  I had to drive her over 1,000 miles recently to a new home in VA.  As with most cats who have to endure a lengthy car ride, she was a frazzled mess by the time we arrived.  But, waiting for her was one of your scratching posts that I’d ordered to arrive in advance.  In her previous home, she loved to scratch on an old wooden desk that was not making the trip.  I bought her a carpet post before moving to help smooth the transition but she simply ignored that, o I looked for one made of wood.  Imagine my surprise to not only find one, but one that also looks so nice too!  I was hoping she would use it.  After walking around it suspiciously for a few days and sniffing, she finally started digging in–on the post sides and on the foot pieces–everywhere her little claws can reach! Thank you again for providing the only new thing in her new house that she loves right now.  Good luck and thanks again for making these!”  K.P., Alexandria, VA

“Thank you so much for designing the Natural Scratch post. Cicely has only liked scratching wood, much to the detriment of the door jambs and wood furniture in the house. As you can see from the pictures, she is IN LOVE with her new scratching post. In love, I tell you! She rubs on it, she’s stands tall and scratches (she’s a big girl, all 18.5 lbs. of her), she sleeps at its base. And she was extremely easy to train, which surprised me. You have another satisfied customer. Thank you!  L.M and E.C., Silver Spring, MD

“Just wanted to let you know that the posts came today. That was very fast delivery! As my son was taking the pieces out of the boxes, Sammy (our rambunctious ragdoll) was already scratching on the cork. I couldn’t believe how fast he took to it! Up until now, the only thing he would scratch was my sofa. We tried sisal posts and carpeted posts (he ignores both) and corrugated  horizontal scratchers (which he will only chew on). And he loves that fresh catnip!  I’m so glad I found your Web site and will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks for your excellent products and service!”  T.D., Byron Center, MI

“We received the scratching post on Thursday.   I wasn’t sure how things would work out with the Natural Scratch since our cat Morris has never scratched anything we have tried.  Our other cat, Mittens, scratches everything we bring to scratch. Yesterday, we set up the post.  As expected, as soon as I took the Natural Scratch out of the box, Mittens went right to the wood and scratched it, even before it was put together.  Morris ignored it.  But once it was up, and I wiggled the red wires on the top of the post, Morris went for it, and then began scratching the post.  Since then he has scratched on the post several times.”  K.M.  Tampa, FL

“This is actually our second Natural Scratch.  A friend gave us the first one and our cat LOVED it.  She was an outdoor cat for part of her life, but then we moved her indoors, and she really missed scratching the trees, so this was a perfect solution! With the first one, she stopped scratching the doors and door frames upstairs, so the second one is downstairs now and we’re hoping that prevents her from scratching down there!  Thanks, again.  We haven’t found anything else comparable to the Natural Scratch.  It’s the perfect height and the best ‘tree-like’ material we’ve found!”  A.V., Cincinnati, OH

“I thought I would send an update.  I received the post very quickly. Taking your advice I placed it in the living room while the cats were napping and put on a football game and picked up a book.  They were immediately curious and checked it out.   My male, Tiki, took right to it and the female has some lapses but loves hunting out the treats.  It is wonderful and I am recommending it to all my friends. I cannot tell you how much I love the scratching post.” M.C., Smyrna, GA

“We are slowly getting results with your scratching post.  They naturally go up to it and scratch. We find pieces of wood on the floor in the morning.  The treat hole is great.” J.H., Toronto, Canada

“When we realized that our indoor/outdoor cat Flaco was becoming more of an indoor cat, we knew we would have to do something about his sharp little claws.  We knew the rug posts didn’t work from past experience and we knew he loved to scratch on the old beech tree outside so we were really happy when we found your site.  At first, my husband thought he could just put one together in his shop, but the more we looked at how nicely they were made and how much thought you obviously put into the Natural Scratch, we decided to just get the real thing.

It has worked perfectly and we all love it!  Flaco can really stretch out and scratch and do his corner scratching all the way to the top.  He is at it every day and we have quite a collection of sawdust at the base.  Thanks!”  S.B., Cincinnati, OH

“My big tom cat, 16 lbs., huge paws and claws, loves the scratch post.  He was using it as I was putting it in its place.  He runs over there and uses it and I am thrilled.  I will watch to see if he still uses my door jams but so far he seems taken with the post.  The other one I haven’t seen use it yet but at least she didn’t use my door jams.”  Thanks.  R.R., Bella Vista, AR

“I am pleased to tell you that my shipment came in today (that was speedy!). I assembled both posts myself with no problem at all. Everything was well laid out and easy for me to put together. I was so excited for Honey (my cat) to wake up from her nap to come downstairs to her new surprise. I was a bit nervous that she wouldn’t take to it right away and that I’d have to do some coaching, but to my surprise, she went right in for the kill! I tapped the wood and she started to scratch instantly. Then she found the cork post and loved that too! I didn’t need to put any treats in the hole (thank you so much for adding the treats to the package) or entice her in any way to scratch. We’ve been rewarding her with love and rubs every time she scratches the post and I can see life in her eyes again. (I think she was becoming depressed by our disappointed energy from her scratching the furniture). It’s only day one, but I am extremely happy with my purchase and I have you to thank for it! I am recommending your products to all of my cat-lover friends and family members. You have been such a great help and you are such a kind man. I can really tell you love cats and have really taken the time to get to know how they work. Thank you for having such a great interest in your products. I love them! I will let you know how she progresses with the posts over time. I can send you some photos as well!” T.A. Ontario, Canada

“I had barely gotten the post set up when both Maverick and Molly began scratching on it. The directions were great but for these two there was no training necessary.  Maverick is tall and especially appreciates the added height of the post, and Molly is often found clinging to it with all four paws off the ground, frantically batting at the antennae.  Thanks for a great product!”  R.B., Pasadena, CA

“Mollie, our 1 1/2 year-old Calico loves Natural Scratch! We praise her every time she uses it to encourage positive behavior. She hasn’t used the door frames since we purchased Natural Scratch!” A.A., Pinellas Park, FL

“I have to tell you how much Bella, and I appreciate the Natural Scratch. I ordered a “second,” and Bella could care less! I am trying to wean her off the door moldings–maybe now I’ll have a fighting chance. Thanks so much. You have my permission to post my testimonial and my cat Bella’s photo.  You really do have an exceptional product. Thanks, again.  C.H., Petoskey, MI

“Thanks so much for the detailed email.  I have one cat that carved beauty into my nightstand and another cat that loves to scratch the sofa.  I knew when I saw this piece, the first cat would take to it immediately. I was right. She absolutely loves this post, and so do I.” A.H. Raleigh, NC

“I just got it today, put it together, and my daughter’s 10-week-old kitten just loves it. Thanks again.” J.S., Woodstock, GA

“My Natural Scratch post is doing its job. My cat who is fond of wood took to it immediately, much to my relief. Thank you.”  E.M., Valley Springs, CA

“Thank you for the e-mails, I just knew buying from someone who advertised in The Nation would be painless!  The only problem I’ve had so far is that I’m worried how long the thing will last, Fatty just can’t get enough.  She loved it at first touch.  Kitty has needed a little training, but with the booklet it’s been quite easy.  At the end of the day, my wife, our girls, and our couch are all very happy we found Natural Scratch.  Because those cardboard thingies are crap, and nobody wants ruined furniture!”  C.N., Washougal, WA

“The cat posts are great!  I gave one to a friend and her cats love it!  Thanks again!” C.P., Tucson, AZ

“I thought I would send an update.  I received the post very quickly. Taking your advice I placed it in the living room while the cats were napping and put on a football game and picked up a book.  They were immediately curious and checked it out.   My male, Tiki, took right to it and the female has some lapses but loves hunting out the treats.  It is wonderful and I am recommending it to all my friends.” M.C., Smyrna, GA

“Thanks, Ted.  This is my second Natural Scratch post.  My male cat loves it and I just got new leather furniture in my living room, so I need another one. Love the product. Thanks.”  D.S., Orlando, FL

“Just wanted to let you know my door frames are safe thanks to you!  We live in an apartment and the cats (previously indoor-outdoor pets) had thrashed the door frames, but since the Natural Scratch post arrived they haven’t touched them.  In fact, I had barely gotten the post set up when both Maverick and Molly began scratching on it.  The directions were great but for these two there was no training necessary.  Maverick is tall and especially appreciates the added height of the post, and Molly is often found clinging to it with all four paws off the ground, frantically batting at the antennae.  Thanks for a great product!” R.B., Pasadena, CA

“Just a note to let you know the Natural Scratch I ordered is a hit with my two cats.  They started playing with it right away and began using it regularly very soon after.  One of the cats likes to play around and jump onto it from a window sill, attesting to its stability.  Great product!”  T.C. Meriden CT

“My Diva loves her Natural Scratch. We are preparing to take a month long road trip in our 27′ RV and I was hoping you could make me a flat scratching post. Diva only scratches on the ‘feet’ of her Natural Scratch, so I thought this would work and be easier to take aboard a small RV. I was thinking a square but a rectangle would be fine.  She does not like those flat cardboard things sold at pet stores.  She loves her post. Runs to it regularly when she is happy, first thing in the morning, when she is annoyed at me, whenever. The post feet are getting a bit of a convex appearance from her attention to it. She never uses the vertical post. Go figure.  Thank you.” S.H. Yucca Valley, CA (Note:  I wound up making a simple horizontal scratching plank for Diva, and she likes it a lot, which is wonderful.)

“Thanks!  The Natural Scratch arrived yesterday.  Great service and speedy delivery.  I set it up, nipped it, and stuffed it with Temptations Treats.  Four out of 5 cats have already “took” to it.  They have scratch devices all over the place on the floor but I know some of the cats prefer to stretch and scratch at the same time and this post gives them the opportunity.  Thanks again.” C.K., Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

“It took a little time and patience but Brith-lee has given up her fondness for Oriental carpets in favor of Natural Scratch.  We are both delighted.”  P.R. Alexandria, VA

“We received our post earlier this week and had it assembled the same day.  The good news is that the cat it was intended for immediately started using it, without rubbing the catnip onto it or putting the treats in the little hole.   We have now had it a few days and I have noticed my cat is not using my wooden patio doors as a scratching post and has continued using your wooden post.  Great scratching post—I’m glad I found your site by using Google.  Thanks, again. Yes, you can post my comments.  I am thrilled I have solved my problem.” K.K., Phoenix, AZ

“My cat Toby took to the Natural Scratch pretty easily. He is still not perfect but uses it most of the time. I am still working with him. I liked your booklet on cat psychology. I am so happy the system is working as the cat had really done a number on an antique table–he has good taste! Just the other day the cat stated to scratch in an inappropriate place (which is rare now) but I pointed to the Natural Scratch and he went right over! Amazing! He is really getting the idea.” B.H. Warren, PA

“I often wondered why ***** or the better pet places don’t carry your scratch posts. They are so much better than the junk they sell in those stores. I was very glad that I found out about yours before I bought one in the store!” E.M. Newton, PA

“Ted, just letting you know I received the Natural Scratch about 20 minutes after we got off the phone. I didn’t entirely follow the instructions with it (though I did read them)–I don’t think it made any difference. Within twenty minutes of setting the post up, my cat found it and has since used it about four or five times within the past hour. I think she’s satisfied and so am I–great product. If anyone asks me where I got it or seems in need, I will absolutely refer them to you. Thanks.” D.B. Louisville, KY

“I ordered Natural Scratch for a feral cat that I adopted. She went for this post naturally, as good as she did for using the litter box! I am surprised by how well Natural Scratch works and pleased. It works so well for her–you have a great product!” S.W. Sterling, IL

“Mr. Schaar, Thank you for Natural Scratch! My son and I put it together the day after it arrived at our house. I put it in the kitchen, because my cat was showing too much interest in the kitchen table legs! A little bit of catnip, and a feather toy of hers, and it didn’t take long for her to realize just how much fun she could have, with nobody saying ‘No.’ She loves the thing! She plays with the bungee cord, and scratches on the post and the base. The interest she was showing in my table seems to have gone by the wayside. I’m happy, she’s happy, my husband’s happy. This is a special cat. We just adopted her two weeks ago today from a no-kill shelter. She is three or four years old, according to the vet. It’s the first time I’ve ever adopted an adult cat, (we had lost out previous cat), and I was a little apprehensive as to what sort of bad habits she may have acquired along the way, in her former life. She’s a sweet, beautiful little cat, and I wanted very much for everything to work out for all of us. Having the Natural Scratch in the house certainly helps. So, again, thank you very much, from all of us, especially Kisa, (sounds like ‘Lisa’). P.S. My husband knows where Brookfield is; it’s not far from Waukesha, where he lived for a number of years. Small world!” Sincerely, T.M. Navarre FL

“The Natural Scratch post arrived in just two days! My husband had no problem assembling it and one cat took to it right away. The others are all very interested in it but, so far, are just lying on it or under it! They have many scratchers that they use, so I am sure this one will soon be getting lots of attention.” A.V., Warner Robins GA

“Actually this is my second order (the first placed about 5 years ago). This is the BEST scratching post on the market; I’m purchasing the second one as a gift for a friend…she just adopted a cat from our local ASPCA. The first Natural Scratch is still going strong…the cats haven’t touched the furniture since it arrived. On a side note…you may wish to charge MORE for the Natural Scratch (they last forever).” D.L., Spring Lake Heights NJ

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my two scratching posts I ordered from you. I have six cats and I have purchased carpet scratchers, sisal rugs, and everything else trying to avoid declawing. When I noticed my two main ‘scratchers’ digging into my smooth antique wood furniture and molding, it occurred to me that they much prefer a smoother surface. I searched all over town at the pet shops looking for a tall, plain wood scratching post to no avail. I wondered why no one had thought to manufacture such a thing. I was planning on building my own when thankfully I came across your website. Your posts were exactly what I had in mind and at a reasonable cost. My scratchers took very quickly to them with little training, and a side benefit is the wonderful cedar odor they have. They are a little bigger than I thought they would be, but blend in well with my rustic decor and their size makes my kitties think they are ‘trees.’” Thanks again. S.M., Hilliard, OH

“I’m a repeat customer. The first post saved my grandmother’s dining room set! Rudy will only scratch on natural wood. Thank you for this product!” S.P., Cumberland, RI

“Thank you! I started off with just one to see how my three cats would take to it. And one of them has claimed it as hers. She was rubbing the box with her cheeks before it was even opened. So, of course, the other their cats each need their own post, now. So thank you! With appreciation.” C.C., Queen Creek AZ

“Thank you, Ted, I have three cats, but only the youngest is hard on the furniture and the Persian wool rug I just purchased. He loves the scratching post! We’re having lots of fun playing around and on the post, and he loves finding goodies and grabbing the cord in the post. I also use pipe cleaners to lightly scratch around the base and up the sides, which he chases, grabs and bites. He knows the word ‘treat’ so now we are working on ‘scratch.’ I have sent the link for your website to all my friends and family with kitties, and highly recommend your scratching post.” Thank you, L.M., Yukon, Ok

“Hi, Ted, The Natural Scratch works great! Both cats love it, especially the ‘mouse’ hole! Thanks again.” F.B., Swansea, MA

“Just had to let you know that my cats absolutely love the Natural Scratch post that I ordered. In fact one of the five has tried to take it over for himself. I rubbed a little catnip on the sides of the post and that’s all it took for them to start using it and playing. Thanks again for a wonderful product!!” C.H., Edwardsburg, MI

“We received our order for the Natural Scratch post. My husband and I were just as excited and curious as the cats. Lots of sniffing and pawing (by the cats) and assembling by the humans. Any-who-how we got the post together and it now is a source of amusement and the cats have established a new place to hang out. They have taken to the post without any problems. We encouraged them and followed your directions. They scratch, stretch and play with the post throughout the day. We cannot wait for our many cat lover friends to see this large post in our living room. Thanks for your creative talents.” N. & T. Cook, Burke, VA

“Hello, I was cleaning out my mailbox and just wanted to let you know that the Natural Scratch I ordered in November has been a big hit with both cats, but particularly with my little Ninita. I could hardly get it out of the box and put together, she was so eager to get to it. Thanks for providing a high-quality, affordable product (tons better than anything I’ve seen in stores) and great customer service!” L.S., Richmond, VA

“Just wanted to let you know we got the Natural Scratch post, got it together, and as soon as we went to bed we heard the kitties scratching on it. I have 13 cats,11 feral (don’t ask), and they actually line up to use the post. It’s great to see them all gathered round it–one sitting on top, two or three scratching on it and two or three patiently waiting their turn. Thank you for a wonderful post at a great price! And please do use my e-mail as a testimonial. Your product is really great. I’ve shared your URL with several friends. I talked to one girlfriend yesterday, and she said she’d ordered four (she’s another cat rescuer, and has farmed out her ferals to three other homes, so she ordered one for herself and for each of her foster pet-servers).” L.S., Woodbridge, VA

“My cat woke up while I was assembling Natural Scratch and started scratching it right away. I haven’t seen her scratch anything else in the house yet! Besides being a great scratching post, it’s a great toy, too. She loves to try to catch the antennas and fetch toys off of the top of it. This was worth waiting for. Thank you so much. BTW, it looks good, too. Those sisal and carpet things are so ugly. Please feel free to use my comments on your site. I hope a lot of people buy your posts, they are so great and the cats need them. I hate the practice of declawing cats.” E.W. Hopkinsville, KY

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much my kitties Gus and Lupe love Natural Scratch. Not only has it saved my sofa, but these little guys entertain themselves endlessly by scratching, climbing and playing on their Natural scratch post. I have recommended it to ALL my friends who have kitties! I really mean it about saving my sofa–it would be toast by now if not for Natural Scratch (they didn’t care at all for other scratchers I gave them).” S.G. Brooklyn, NY

“Just wanted to tell you that Misty LOVES the scratching post! As of the first day it arrived, she stopped scratching on everything else. The only time she tries to scratch on my dresser is if no one has gotten up to feed her by about 8:00–9:00 a.m.! And she stops that as soon as I get up; she knows it will wake me up 🙂 We love it. Thank you so much for creating this scratching post! We had tried all sorts and kept looking for a wooden one, to no avail. No one had wood! We couldn’t figure out why. Then we found your Web site. I’ll be recommending you to our friends and family. 🙂 Good luck; I hope you continue to prosper! Satisfied customers.” J. S. B. J. and M.O. East Rochester, NY

“Hi, Ted, I am sending some photos of my kitties (Dussel & Mini) playing on the Natural Scratch post for you to use on your Web page. I first bought the Natural Scratch post in November when my kittens were about four weeks old. I did not have to train them to use the post. I showed the post to them, played with them around the post a few minutes, and they took to it immediately! I was so impressed, and I also love the idea that the post is all-natural that I purchased two more posts, and now have a total of three Natural Scratch posts! One post is in the basement (their play room) the second post is for the upstairs, and the third post is going to our beach house! The kittens are now four months old and the post is one of their main scratching areas as well as play toy as you can see in the photos! Thanks for the easy ordering and quick delivery!” T.B-K.,Shepherdstown, WV

“I have two Natural Scratch posts in my home. I have several cat companions, and I also foster kittens and cats for a local rescue. My resident adult cats have come to enjoy the Natural Scratch post. But what is very interesting to me is that little kittens take to it instantly. They are drawn to it every time. Without any training or prompting, they run to it, scratch on it with great pleasure, and climb it like a tree. I have recommended Natural Scratch to people who adopt my kittens. Thank you for making such a fine, useful product.” L.J.P., Philadelphia, PA

“Our kitten started to scratch a few weeks ago, and I immediately knew we’d have to get him something. I searched Google for ‘natural cat scratching post’ and found your site. We received the Natural Scratch post last week and it works beautifully. Your instructions are thoughtful and sensitive. We haven’t completely retrained the cat to use only the post, but it is improving with catnip and treats, and now he has a fun place to climb on indoors. Just in time for the winter months! Our declawed (not by us) kitty loves to ‘scratch’ her paws on it too. This post is so much nicer than those carpet-covered or cardboard options, I am happy we found this. The price is very reasonable. I would recommend this for any cat home without reservations. Thanks for your help!” E.M., Gainesville, VA

“Attached are photos of Fraidy with her Natural Scratch post. Jo and I followed your training instructions and Fraidy has taken to her Natural Scratch post perfectly. She goes to it all through the day. We think she has developed a ‘personal relationship’ with it. Her usual routine (when we’re at home with her) is to scratch and then stare at us for her treat. It’s a riot. Thank you for giving Fraidy a wonderful ‘friend’ and for helping us preserve our furniture.”  R.S. and J.D. Binghamton, NY

“The post I ordered for my kittens several months ago is amazing. They clearly prefer that post over other more expensive posts I’ve purchased for them. I’ll be ordering more in the future when my housing situation settles down and I have a bit more cash. Thanks for a GREAT product!” C.M. Florence, KY

“I was very surprised that it showed up yesterday already. Once I assembled it, I called my cats over. They immediately started going after the teasers on the top. Once they felt the wood under their claws they both started scratching. They looked at me to make sure I wasn’t going to scold them. I gave them some praise and they went right back to scratching. I gave them a few treats and placed a few in the Mouse Hole, which they figured out how to get to in no time. Then I put one in the indent in the top and Sonny dug his claws in and climbed the post and balanced on top while he ate his treat. He has since climbed it several times, and they both have used it quite a bit. There is already a nice little pile of cedar shavings on the floor. I will send some pictures if I can catch them in the act later on this week. Thanks!!” T.F., Ashland, WI

“Just wanted to take a moment and send you this email . We received the Natural Scratch last Monday and put it together right away . It was very easy to put together. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first having tried various carpeted posts . None of them appealing to our cat Norman at all. He developed a liking for our bedroom furniture and nothing else was going to satisfy him. Anyway, we set up the Natural Scratch, and all I did was wiggle the antenna at him. That was all it took. He’s been happily scratching away at the Natural Scratch and hasn’t touched our bedroom furniture since. Thank you so much for the product and for such great customer service.” P.& T.P., Upper Darby, PA

“Just wanted to let you know that Natural Scratch is a hit with both of my cats. It’s a great looking post that both cats took to from Day One. Your tips in the booklet were very helpful. They almost immediately began seeking it out and they no longer have interest in the couch, wooden bathmat, or other furniture. I think it is well designed, very affordable, and completely suited for what cats like to do. The boy tends to scratch vertically and the girl scratches horizontally on the low part–so this is a perfect post for both of them. Thanks for a great product!” L.M.R., Brooklyn, NY

“Dear Ted: Kudos to you! This is the first scratching post that attracted Rhoda, our cat. It’s taken 11 years to find the right one! We followed the directions you enclosed with the product; and within an hour the cat showed interest. By the next day she was scratching. FYI today I recommended it to my veterinarian.” C.A., Tucson, AZ

“I’ve owned more than a dozen cats and never had a problem with scratching until this one, who wouldn’t use horizontal or carpeted posts, nor sisal. Only the carpet. But the Natural Scratch, with just a reward after first use, did the trick. No more carpet pulling. I was getting pretty desperate and running out of options. I should have tried Natural Scratch first.” D.S., Thornton, CO

“Dear Ted: The Natural Scratch arrived last Friday and I set it up and left it in another part of my house for a few days knowing that I needed to spend some time with my two cats, Tobie a 9 lb. cat and Jackson, my 20 lb. cat. Sunday afternoon I finally put it in the living room next to their old rug one. I rubbed it down with the catnip and gave Tobie her little treat from it and watched. She ate the treat and walked away. Needless to say within the week they are both using it. Tobie really surprised me because she was my problem ‘child’ with my carpet in hidden corners where I had to put down bricks to keep her from those corners. I still have not taken those away, but Tobie is using the post. Jackson, I knew would not be a problem. My husband was rather impressed with it. He did not realize that a cat would scratch on wood like that. Needless to say we are both impressed with the post. Thank You.” N.K., Orange Park, FL

“Hi, Ted: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer all of my questions before ordering your product. Your kindness was greatly appreciated. Before I purchased Natural Scratch, I read the testimonials that were on your web site and wondered if our five-month-old kitten would like it as much as other people had claimed. While I was still a bit skeptical, I went on and placed my order. Just a few days later, Natural Scratch arrived. My husband put it together and sat it down in her favorite room. Our kitten, Lovely, was thrilled! Lovely grabbed onto it and scratched. I didn’t even have time to read the training instructions. Before bedtime, she learned to climb all the way to the top and sit down to enjoy the red toy on top. We gave Lovely a treat and told her how proud we were of her scratching. Mostly, we are proud of you, Ted, for inventing such a delightful and helpful product.” M.B.M., Wilson, NC

“Ted, I just sent this message to some of my cat loving friends. Thought you might enjoy it. Thanks for a great product Ted!! Message: Have been having all sorts of problems trying to keep Mysty from scratching everything in sight. I came across a scratching post on the Internet and ordered it. I put it together Saturday, while she was sleeping, and introduced it to her after her nap. I had my doubts, but everything else up to this point has failed. Surprise, surprise–SHE LIKE’S IT!!! Once I got her coaxed into putting her claws on it – you could actually see the happy expression in her eyes. ‘Oh Wow! Great scratching material!’” B.R., Tulsa, OK

“Hi, Ted. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. Feel free to post and/or circulate. Caesar loves his post. I got a new kitten shortly after that and he will let her play with anything but the post. He especially loves the antenna and has totally abandoned the couch without any training when I put them side by side. You may not have thought of it’s use as a cat yoga mat!” A.S., Burlington, VT

“I got one of your Natural Scratch posts about a month ago. Mr. Wiggles wanted to scratch it before I got it put together. Freckles took some patience and reinforcement with toys using the top of the post as their ‘place to hang out and be easily caught,’ the Da Bird was especially effective for this. Now they use the post about 98% of the time.” D.Z., Kingston, TN

“Dear Mr. Schaar, I just wanted to let you know that the Natural Scratch posts arrived here, and I put them together very easily, and that I think they are just wonderful! I’ve never seen a scratching post that was so well-designed and good-looking enough that it fits in very harmoniously in my living room, and all that.

“But, most important, I’ve never seen a scratching post that cats took to and loved so immediately and so well! I have two new kittens, and they were even easier to train that your booklet discussed! They took to the Natural Scratch post immediately, on first being introduced to it. They are scratching a lot more now than they did before, obviously because scratching the Natural Scratch is so much more enjoyable for them than using the other scratching posts I had, and certainly more so than scratching my furniture.

“The post has also become a favorite place for them to play with me–they are always wanting me to put a fishing-rod style toy in the Mouse Hole, so they can jump up, get the toy, and have me dangle it around so they can play with it. They then insist on me putting the toy back in the Mouse Hole, so they can catch it and play some more. So, we now do a lot of our playing on the Natural Scratch as well their scratching it. I really think that this is by far the best scratching post product, both for protecting one’s furniture and for maximum enjoyment, exercise, and healthy scratching for the cats, that I’ve ever seen.

“I was looking a long time for something better than the standard posts that are just covered with shag carpet–an eyesore, and I wouldn’t find them very fun if I was a cat. All my cat-owning friends who’ve seen it say at once ‘Where did you get that?’ Since they’ve been looking for superior scratching products too.

“So I am very glad that I found Natural Scratch, and I want to let you know how delighted my kittens and I are with it! I had no training problems at all, I followed your suggestions for first introducing the post to them, and from that one experience they took exclusively to Natural Scratch, obviously with a lot of pleasure!

“Thank you for making this product available, and you really deserve to know what a great solution it is both to cats scratching in the house, to having the scratch post not be an eyesore, and to providing the cats with lots of pleasure both in scratching and playing. Thanks so much again!” P.B., Sunderland, MA

“Tiger LOVES his new scratching post and so do I. It’s sturdy enough for him to climb on top of and he loves the mouse hole and antenna. The instructions were easy to follow. Of course he took to it right away but I will certainly use the training tips to teach him other things. I will be ordering another one as soon as I figure out where to put it. It’s an excellent product in every way. Thanks again.” C.S., Philadelphia, PA

“Just wanted to say that we’ve had your product for about two years now and it is wonderful. Our two cats use it all the time (instead of the furniture, etc.). Also, I just ordered one for my Mom and we told a friend about your product and they purchased one a few months back and like it (i.e. their cat) very much. Thanks for offering a great product. The pet store products are far too expensive and less sturdy and appropriate for cats. I’ll keep plugging you whenever I can! Thanks again.” G.F., Woodbridge, VA

“Just wanted to let you know that I received my order two days after I placed it! What a nice surprise. I wish you could have seen me trying to assemble them. My cats were climbing and scratching on them while I was trying to put them together! It was a real team effort! I finally got them together and my kitties are thoroughly enjoying them! When guests come to my home, they always ask me how I keep the cats from scratching my new furniture. That’s when I show them the Natural Scratch posts. I have given your information out to several friends, so I hope that you are getting more orders.” B.P., Austin, TX

“Just to let you know that I received it ok, assembly was a snap. The directions and training course is excellent and the cat is using it already. Great quality and it beats those rug scratchers. Thanks, again.” D.H., DuBois, PA

“We’ve had the scratch post for a little over two months now. My husband rolled his eyes when he first saw the scratch post set up in the living room. However, Zoe, our six-month-old, began using it within a week. Now she uses it all the time. It is very satisfying to hear her use it when she wakes up from naps and I am not even in the room. Your instruction booklet is gold. The tips in there turned out to be invaluable. (Equally important as the post itself.) The key to training Zoe turned out to be the heaps of praise I gave her EVERY time she used it, that and the food! Even now when she uses it, I tell her what a good girl she is. To get her started, we squeezed kitty treats into the cracks, just like you suggested. It worked like a charm. Later, we hid (I know it’s bad) pieces of tuna and turkey cold cuts (her favorites) in the mouse hole. She was very attracted to the bungee cord at the top, too. So now I have the post in the living room still and every time someone asks, ‘Does she really use that thing?’ I say happily ‘YES, she does!’ and I don’t have any scratches on my furniture to prove it. Thanks. Ted, it’s a good thing and that instruction booklet is well-written.” D.K., New Hyde Park, NY

“Just wanted to let you know the Natural Scratch arrived yesterday. I took it home last night and assembled it and my tomcat took right to it. I left the room for a minute and could hear scratching. When I went back, Whitey was really going at it. I put some catnip on it and the other cats have shown some interest, and one of the others has scratched it a little but Whitey loves it. He was the one I was most concerned with since he has torn up all of my door facings. Too bad I didn’t have it when I brought him indoors to live. Thanks for making a good product! You certainly have my permission to add my testimonial to your Web site. You have a wonderful product. I have wasted lots of money through the years for scratching products that either had no appeal at all to my cats or worked just a little (the cardboard variety were the best so far). I always say I love the Internet because you can find anything you want or need. Once again, that is true. I will certainly recommend the Natural Scratch to all of my cat-loving friends.” L.L., Bidwell, OH

“Just a follow-up note. We bought our Natural Scratch post in 1996. I found your site in desperation: our cat was scratching all the carpets in our new house. It must have been the early days of your Internet sales.  You had no billing system and shipped the post to me on trust with an invoice. (I did pay.) Our cat stopped scratching our carpets within weeks and now scratches nothing else indoors except the post. The wood looks like it has decades of use left. I was glad to see your Web site again and hope that your product is enjoying the great sales it deserves.” I.K., Toronto, Canada

“I’m not sure if you noticed, but this is my second order. I ordered one–post a few weeks ago to see if my cats (four, two with claws, two without) would use your product. They loved it! Your Natural Scratch is the best scratching post I have tried. Thanks for making such a great product.”  S.W., Doylestown, PA

“Just wanted you to know we got a Natural Scratch some time ago and one of my cats, Augie, has claimed it as his own. He uses it every day with relish! Thanks for a great (and attractive) product.” P.C., Vernon, CT

“Several years ago, when our small town had a pet store, I bought a 32″ Natural Scratch for my eight indoor cats. No training problems at all.  Everyone knew what it was for and how to use it. It’s a work of art now, with an interesting form arising from all the scratching. When the pet store went out of business, I bought the demo 24” Natural Scratch from the owner, and it’s seeing quite a bit of use, too (though the gang prefers the tall one). Because no one locally sells your wonderful product, I was glad to see mention of Natural Scratch (and your Web site) in the March, 2002, issue of “Catnip” (Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine publication for cat owners). Now I can refer my other cat-owned friends to your site for direct purchase. And your site is terrific. I’m glad to see that, in addition to promoting your product, you’re promoting responsibility (spay/neuter, training versus declawing, etc.).” S.P., Boone, IA

“Thank you so much for proving my hubby wrong. I have a wild cat that I caught several years ago whose big problem was scratching our wooden family room table. My husband said to me when I brought it (Natural Scratch) home, ‘More money down the drain!’ Well not really. Your product really does work. The cat stopped scratching the table after a couple of weeks.”  J.D., Van Nuys, CA

“Got the scratcher–cat loves it. Thank you.” K.A., Evansville, IL     

“We received our Natural Scratch system a while back and the new laser-etched logo is quite snazzy. We’ve had a devil of a time getting our nine month-old Maine Coon kitten to actually touch it, however. He does not react to catnip yet, so we couldn’t lure him to it with that. I repositioned it several times until I found a spot he seemed to like and got him interested in the “feelers” (Antenna) and Mouse Hole on top. I figured if he handled the post enough and got his scent on it, he might begin to use it. I’ve only actually seen him use it once, but he must be using it when we’re not around because I’ve noticed old claw sheaths on the floor around it. He still loves his other little scratchers and his cat tree, so he’s got a scratcher in every room of the apartment. But I’ve got the Natural Scratch in the living room because it looks the nicest. If I can ever catch him in the act I will snap a photo!” V.M., Little Rock, AR

“My cat Dozer loves this post!  it really works! The first day it came, I did all the things you suggested in the training booklet and he took to it right away. He had been scratching on a wooden archway but now leaves it alone, thank goodness. Natural Scratch is tall and sturdy and he loves it. Thanks, again.” C.M., Williston, FL

“The guys love the post. Your research has really paid off in the satisfaction department.” E.C., Iowa City, IA  

“By the way, we have had our post for about 1.5 years now, maybe longer. The two 4-year old girls have taken to it gradually, encouraged by ample applications of catnip. They are now frequent and regular scratchers. The “baby,” a stray now about a year old, took to it immediately (she was about 6 weeks when we found her) and paws the hell out of it. God knows what our furniture would look like without it.” B.F., Columbus, OH

“We got the scratching post from you a few weeks back. Our cat took to it right away. After about two weeks, we went away for 4 weeks, leaving kitty at home with a sitter. We were a little worried that he would act out and claw up some furniture to get even but he didn’t. He loves his Natural Scratch so much that he sometimes sleeps on it! I wouldn’t have believed it but I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Thanks so much for saving our home!” D.J., Northampton, MA

“Your great scratching posts have made a big hit with my “clan.” The two you sent are being used regularly and are showing much “shaping” from the enthusiastic usage. I just ordered two more…one for me and another for a friend who has two cats…definitely a beginner! Thanks again for a great product. I’m passing the word to all car aficionados.” A.H., Burton, OH

“Just a note to let you know my cats LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I have one cat that loves to scratch door frames and my antique dresser. He has been doing this for years and now, at last, I think he has lost interest in those and his attention is now on the cedar scratching post. We have tried numerous posts and he wouldn’t even look at them. I didn’t even have to train him on the Natural Scratch he went right to it. As soon as I stood it up, he went right over to it, sniffed it and away he went scratching. So thank you for the Natural Scratch. Our house is much quieter now that I’m not screaming and chasing my cat all over the house telling him to stop scratching on the door and dresser.” D.F., College Station, TX

“Just wanted you to know the Natural Scratch post is up and in use. She seems to love it and particularly was interested in the yellow plastic at top. Did not pay much attention to the catnip. She is a long and tall girl, so, so nice to see her be able to stretch all the way to the top. Of course, I have the most intelligent cat in the nation, LOL!!!! Thanks again. R.C., Scottsdale, AZ

“Just wanted to let you know the post arrived and the cats all love it. Thanks so much for making it and for sending the tips on how to make it attractive to them. I have 4, by the way, so you know it was really needed!” E.M., Piedmont, SC

“I just wanted to voice my delight about your product. We’ve finally trained all of our cats to use it (we have one that’s a little slow). I think I can recover some chairs now and not worry that they’ll be destroyed again! Much success to you and yours! Thanks!!” S.T., Stillwater, OK

“Just wanted to let you know that I received your Natural Scratch. I have several cats and they all absolutely love it. I’ve been using the suggestions in your booklet and they really help, though most of them ATTACKED the post as I was assembling it. I am still working on changing one cat’s behavior to dissuade him from scratching a door, so I may have to order another Natural Scratch and place it near the door. Placing the Natural Scratch near the table leg that one cat had recently targeted has really gotten her to stop. Anyway, just wanted to thank you. It is by far the best scratching post I ever bought.” M.C., Brooklyn, NY

“I would like to also thank you for such a good quality product, this thing is built to last, no doubt about it, makes me wish I was a cat.” T.C., Greensboro, NC

“The posts came late last week as you said they would. Our problem cat took to it right away. I have applied the two-sided tape to all of his old favorite scratching places, but I have seen no evidence that he has shown any interest in them since his posts arrived. I never dreamed it would be so easy. You provided just what we were looking for. Many thanks!!” H.H., Mountain Home, ID

“Very happy with it! Cats love it.” L.S., Warren, AR

“I ordered one of your posts a month or so ago and I am very happy to report that my ‘problem scratcher’ has stopped using the door frames to sharpen her claws! I used your techniques to train her and I am very delighted with the results. I’ve given your URL to a coworker who has 9 cats. Thanks!” M.A., Fairfield, IA

“I purchased one of your cedar posts about three months ago, and I just needed to tell you that this has been money well spent. My cat LOVES his post and has stopped using the window casings in our sun room to sharpen his claws. Yes, the box it came in was indeed fascinating, but it took all of two minutes to figure out what he was supposed to do with the post. I pretended like I was scratching it, and he learned by imitation. Didn’t do much for my nails, but it worked. Great product!” S.B., Madison, MS

“I would like to let you know that my two kittens love the post and took to it immediately. Thank you.” J.W., Germantown, MD

“My devon rex kittens love it.” S.G., Edison, NJ

“Thank you for creating the cat scratch. Our cats and couch love it.” M.M., San Francisco, CA

“Just wanted to let you know the Natural Scratch arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. I did exactly as your instructions suggested: Waited until my 9-month-old ‘kitten’ was asleep, assembled it, and placed it in a strategic position. She was extremely curious on awakening, especially with the catnip aroma. We played with the Antenna and she seems to be taking to it right away.” M.W., Lansdale, PA

“I set up the scratching post Friday night, and Nana is using it already! Did what you suggested in your book (great book!), stuck the yellow toy thingie through the hole, she jumped up to get it, dug her claws into the post, and scratched! I put sticky tape on the sofa, where she was starting to scratch (where our “old” kitty had scratched), and this weekend, she went straight to her new post. I also rubbed and sprinkled catnip in and around the post–she loves catnip. She’s very happy that there is one place she can scratch that doesn’t get a big ‘NO.’” C.J., Smyrna, GA

“Yep, this is a second order! My cats love the post and required no training on my part. In fact, one of my cats didn’t wait for it to be assembled to use it. I removed it from the box and had it lying on the floor and she rubbed it with her whiskers and laid down on her side next to it and began scratching. She really played hard with it after I put it together.” J.H., Iowa City, IA

“Thanks, and I’m happy to report that my two large cats are taking to the Natural Scratch quite well!” B.F., Decatur, GA

“The cats are very happy with their new, large post. Also, I very much like the new style of stand. The cats are scratching this as well. The new stand seems more sturdy and is more attractive.” M.W., Louisville, KY

“I got the Natural Scratch post last Friday, so I had all weekend to play with the cats and get them introduced to it. We are having great success! Your training book has been a big help, too. I put catnip on it as well as some of their favorite toys, and they both took to it right away. They use the Natural Scratch almost exclusively, and they enjoy playing around and on it as well as scratching on it. I still have sticky tape on my chairs, so we may have more training to do once that comes off, but I just want to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer, and so are Smoky and Sammy.” K.G., Fairfield, IA

“Just wanted you to know the Natural Scratch post is up and in use. She seems to love it and particularly was interested in the yellow antenna at top. Did not pay much attention to the catnip. She is a long and tall girl, so it’s so nice to see her be able to stretch all the way to the top. Of course, I have the most intelligent cat in the nation, LOL!!!! Thanks again, and so glad I found your ad in Best Friends.” R.C., Scottsdale, AZ