Natural Scratch™ 24″ Cork Cat Scratching Post

$64.95 (shipping included)

Cork is a spongy material that allows cats to sink their claws in deep; some felines prefer it to other materials used for cat scratching posts.  Shipping cost included.

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Our 24″ cedar post, made from a cedar 4″ by 4″—is designed for people with limited space. The X-shaped base has an effective footprint 19″ by 19″ that provides a stable foundation and hard-to-tip-or-tilt post. These posts are made from Northern Wisconsin, rough-sawn, solid white cedar 4″ by 4″s that have coarse but soft textures cats like to dig their claws into. The rough-side-up, red cedar X-style base is equivalent to a solid, 19″ square—large enough to provide a stable foundation for aggressive clawing by all cats, even large Maine Coons. (Wobbly posts are a feline turn-off!)  Soft, but rough surfaces invite clawing vertically and horizontally. Features such as the bungee-cord Antenna and 1.5″-diameter Mouse Hole help people interest their cats in the post and get them clawing where they should. The free, easy-to-read-and-use booklet Training Your Cat To Claw Natural Scratch teaches customers how to train cats to claw Natural Scratch exclusively and includes tips on how to discourage inappropriate scratching.  Solid cedar materials last many years; over time, providing a hard, satisfying claw surface that cats whittle into a sculpture.


Natural Scratch cork™ 4” x 4” cat scratching posts have a single bungee-cord Antenna on top and a Mouse Hole.  Both are designed  to help you attract and train your cat.  Click for more information on the easy-to-use training booklet that comes with every Natural Scratch product.

  • Solid cork
  • 4″ x 4″ post
  • 18″ x 18″ footprint red cedar base.
  • Bungee cord toy to encourage good clawing behaviors
  • Reward nest for treats and catnip
  • Training Your Cat to Claw booklet – everything you need to know to efficiently train your cat