Natural Scratch™ 32″ Cork Cat Scratching Post

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Cork is a spongy material that  allows cats to sink their claws in deep; some felines prefer it to other materials used for cat scratching posts.  Shipping cost included.

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Natural Scratch 32″ cork posts are made from the bark of cork oak trees that grow in Portugal; the bark is ground and pressed into slabs. It’s the same production  method used for bulletin boards and other cork products. Tall, 32″ height allows your cat to stretch while clawing. The rough-side- up red cedar, X-style base is equivalent to a solid 24″ square – a stable foundation for aggressive clawing by all cats, even large Maine Coons. (Wobbly posts are a feline turn-off!) Features such as the bungee-cord Antenna and 1.5″-diameter Mouse Hole help people interest their cats in Natural Scratch and get them clawing. The easy-to-read-and- use booklet Training Your Cat To Claw Natural Scratch teaches customers how to train cats to claw Natural Scratch exclusively and includes tips on how to discourage inappropriate clawing. Cork is an attractive material cats enjoy whittling into works of art.


Natural Scratch cork™ 4” x 4” cat scratching posts have a single bungee-cord Antenna on top and a Mouse Hole.  Both are designed  to help you attract and train your cat.  Click for more information on the easy-to-use training booklet that comes with every Natural Scratch product

  • Natural cork, 4″ x 4″ x 32″ solid post
  • Large and stable rough red cedar base that may be clawed horizontally
  • Bungee cord toy to encourage clawing during training
  • 1.5″ diameter Mouse Hole for treats and catnip
  • Includes Training Your Cat to Claw Natural Scratch—an easy-to- use, effective training method