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Natural Scratch

Unique and uniquely effective  scratching posts and scratching planks and slabs for cats.

Cat Scratching Posts

Natural Scratch cedar and cork scratching posts are enjoyed by cats and their human companions around the world.

Please join us in practicing neutering to help ensure every cat and dog has a loving home.

Crafted in Wisconsin

Natural materials.

quality is our priority

Designed and built to please cats.

100s of testimonials

Click to read customer comments.

satisfaction guaranteed

If your cat does not claw our products; return them for a refund.

Attractive Scratching Products That Include Interactive Features & Training Method


Cats claw wood outdoors—not carpet, upholstery, or sisal;

Providing a material that is similar to things you don’t want your cat to claw gives her or him the wrong idea;

 Natural Scratch’s interactive features (Antenna, Mouse Hole) help you attract your cat to the post and train it;

 Included easy-to-use training method assures success with all cats; and

 Cats whittle Natural Scratch into a sculpture at no additional cost!


cat scratching posts

Cat Scratching Posts—Natural Scratch™ offers unique and uniquely effective (100+ Testimonials) cat scratching posts for cats.  Each cat scratching post features:

 Natural materials such as cork and white and red cedar;

 stable, wide footprint bases; and

 interactive, cat-attractive extras.  Guaranteed!

Each cat-scratching post includes easy-to-use instructions that have helped thousands of cat lovers teach their cats to claw the Natural Scratch™ cat scratching post and nothing else, protecting upholstery, carpeting, wood moldings, cat claws, and other fine things.  Click the photos below for more information on our cat scratching posts and to place an order.


Natural Scratch™ was born of my personal need for an effective cat scratching post. Click for more of its History.  My family and I have had cats and dogs since I was born, and I remember every one affectionately.

Primary goal of Natural Scratch™ is preserving cat claws.  They are marvels and cats need them to spear olives out of their martinis, among other uses.  This is a cat-comes-first enterprise.  After feline satisfaction, buyer happiness is paramount.  All Natural Scratch™ cat scratching posts are guaranteed.

Natural Scratch™ cat scratching posts are made from cedar and cork by skilled woodworkers at a shop in Northern Wisconsin; the owner and his family have cats, too, and take pride in their work.  (The small company also makes other wood products.) My office is in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Natural Scratch™ cat scratching posts is a business that cares about you and your feline friends—our privacy policy is easy to read and understand.

Click below for a memorable story about our best friends

To place an order, call 414 795-6117, leave a message, and your call will be returned.

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Happy Customers

"It is perfection! They love it and I love it!”

L.O., Santa Fe, NM

"This is replacing an old (about 7 years) cork scratcher from you which my cats love and have worn down to a stump. When I pulled the new one out my cat was watching me and I literally saw his eyes get big! He is excited!"

M.B., Dripping Springs, TX

"This is the BEST scratching post on the market; I'm purchasing the second one as a gift for a friend...she just adopted a cat from our local ASPCA. The first Natural Scratch is still going strong...the cats haven't touched the furniture since it arrived. On a side note...you may wish to charge MORE for the Natural Scratch (they last forever)."

D.L., Spring Lake Heights, NJ


Phone: Ted at 414 795-6117

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